Hidden Grove/Green Valley Board of Directors

Mission Statement of the Hidden Grove/Green Valley Board of Directors

Our mission is to provide for the safety of our residents, maintain the common property and protect our home values.

The Board of Directors of Hidden Grove/Green Valley consists of 5 residents who dedicate their time and talents to making Hidden Grove/Green Valley a better place for all of us to live.  Board positions include a Board President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Member at Large.

Our Board of Directors is charged with maintaining, preserving and enhancing the common assets of our association.  To perform those duties, our Board depends upon the advice and counsel of experts in various fields of community association management, including our association manager, bookkeeper, attorney, landscapers and insurance specialists.  When making decisions regarding our community, the Board considers all the facts and factors involved in the issue and makes the best business decision possible.  Click here to access the governing documents used by HG/GV Board of Directors to make important decisions regarding HOA issues.

In addition to dealing with insurance, maintenance, financial and contractual decisions, the Board Members must also balance their positions on the Board with their roles as homeowners.  If assessments increase, that means they increase for them also.  If rules are enacted, that means they must obey them too.  

Being a Board member does not grant immunity from the responsibilities of living in our association.  In fact, serving on the Board reflects just how seriously they take that responsibility.  Our Board Members actually do "double-duty" for our community: they serve as Board Members and neighbors. 


 Our Staff

Carrie Andries | Association Manager

Carrie joined Hidden Grove/Green Valley as Association Manager in December, 2011.  She has a background as an escrow officer, non-profit fundraiser and retail manager.  Carrie has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Missouri/Columbia.  Carrie and her husband bought their house in the subdivision in March, 2003.  After searching throughout the Rogue Valley, Hidden Grove/Green Valley’s quiet streets, pool, park and clubhouse helped them settle on purchasing a home here.  They stayed due to all the close friendships they have made in the neighborhood.  

Please feel free to stop in the office to meet Carrie and share any input you may have about the community.  Carrie is in the clubhouse office Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm.  Contact Carrie at 541-664-3996 or hggv.office@gmail.com

Ron Seymour | Volunteer Newsletter Editor

After working for several years in the newspaper industry in San Francisco, Ron and his wife decided to move to the Rogue Valley to enjoy a slower pace of life.  Ron graciously volunteers his time to make sure that the Hidden Grove/Green Valley newsletter, The Central Point, gets out on time and continues to be of interest to all of our residents.

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