Moving to Hidden Grove/Green Valley? 

Although we developed our website for our residents, we know there might be questions from people who are interested in purchasing a home in Hidden Grove/Green Valley.  We welcome you to this page and encourage you to review the information we have provided below.  We have included many of the questions future homeowners moving to our community might ask, however, if you have a particular question that is not answered below please feel
 free to email:

Buyer Related Questions

How many homes are there in Hidden Grove/Green Valley?  

Hidden Grove/Green Valley consists of 200 single family homes.  Hidden Grove contains 94 stick built or manufactured homes while Green Valley consists of 106 stick built homes.  

What are the sizes of homes in Hidden Grove/Green Valley? Price ranges?  

In our community you will find a variety in both the size of homes and in their architectural styles, however most of the homes are 3 bedroom/2 bathroom.  If you know the address of a particular home, we encourage you to visit Jackson County’s Property Data Online website for information on the property which includes the square footage and a history of sale prices.  For pricing information, we  recommend you contact a local realtor for specific information on the Rogue Valley real estate market. 

What are typical property taxes for homes in Hidden Grove/Green Valley? 

You can get tax information for a specific property in Hidden Grove/Green Valley by visiting Jackson County’s Property Data Online website.  Simply enter the address of the property you are interested in and click the ‘submit’ button. In addition to property tax information, this website (maintained by Jackson County) contains critical data about the property including property assessment and tax history. 

Approximately how much are the dues and what do they cover? 

Every homeowner pays monthly dues of $70.  This monthly assessment supports the maintenance & landscaping of our common area including the our entrance signs, clubhouse, pool, open space and playground at Hidden Grove, the open space at Green Valley, and the maintenance of our private streets.  Dues also cover the mortgage on the clubhouse, our reserve fund and a staff of 1 part-time manager.

Are there homes for rent in Hidden Grove/Green Valley? 

The Association does not require owners to inform us if they are renting their homes, therefore we cannot provide a listing of rentals in the community.  We encourage you to use online search tools such as Medford Craigslist and 

What Amenities are available to residents of Hidden Grove/Green Valley? 

Residents of Hidden Grove/Green Valley who are current on their HOA dues are welcome to use any of the Association amenities.  These include the Clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, parks and playgrounds.  Please visit our Amenities page for pricing and pictures.   

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