About our CC&Rs and Bylaws

When Hidden Grove/Green Valley was initially developed, the developer filed with the State of Oregon a series of documents designed to uphold the integrity of our community and spell out the duties of our association and the responsibilities of the owners.  Those documents, often referred to as the governing documents, are made up of the Bylaws, the CC&Rs (Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions) and the Rules and Regulations.  The Bylaws dictate the powers and duties of the Board of Directors.  The CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations dictate the powers and duties of the corporation and regulate both the physical characteristics of our community and the lifestyles of our residents.   

Of all of the governing documents, the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations are often the least understood but inarguably the most important.  When owners close escrow on their home, they enter into a contractual agreement with the other owners in our community to conform to the dictates of our CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations.  The CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations provide a structural framework to help residents of different backgrounds, ideals, and perceptions live together in harmony.  By doing so, the community and property values benefit.   

Example:  What would the impact on our property values be if our neighbor began to repair automobiles in their driveway as a part-time job and decided to advertise with a big sign he nailed to the roof of his home?  Furthermore, to attract attention to the sign, he painted his home bright red.  This example may be a little over the top, but it applies equally to the resident who doesn't maintain their yard or home.  The bottom line is our property values would suffer.   

The CC&Rs promote conformity, which encourages harmony, which has a positive impact on the value of our community. 

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NENEW! We now have our APPROVED exterior paint color palettes online! Click Here to view. Please note that monitors may distort the color. Hardcopies of the approved palette are in the clubhouse office.

If you are planning on painting your home, please remember to check the new approved color palettes and get approval before painting. Any exterior paint and trim colors (even if they are the existing colors) must be presented to the Homeowners Association and approved PRIOR to painting.  Failure to do this may result in a fine or the board may require you to repaint your home if the colors are not approved. Our approved palettes come from Sherwin Williams, however residents may use whichever paint company they want.


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