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 Hidden Grove/Green Valley Homeowners Association


 This Agreement is hereby entered into on this ______ day of _____________________, _________ between the Hidden Grove/Green Valley Homeowners Association (herein called “HGGVHOA”) and   ______________________________________ resident of HGGVHOA (herein called “renter”), who lives at _____________________________________  (address) who hereby requests to rent the HGGVHOA Clubhouse at located at 4901 Hamrick Road, Central Point, OR  97502 for the following date and time:

 Date: ____________________________________

Start Time: _________   End Time: _________   # of people: ______________(Maximum occupancy is 65) 

The clubhouse may be rented for a maximum period of 8 hours between 9:00am and 10:00pm. The clubhouse must be cleaned and vacated by the end time above.              

 The parties herein agree to the following terms:

1.          Any resident of Hidden Grove/Green Valley may rent the clubhouse. The renter’s Homeowner’s Association dues must be current for the renter to enter into this agreement.

       (verified by ___________)

2.          The cost of renting the Clubhouse is $_50.00 for the first 4 rentals in a calendar year and $75.00 thereafter__.  There shall also be a minimum of $__50.00___ security/cleaning deposit.  The rental fee and security/cleaning deposit shall be paid at the time of signing this agreement.  The rental fee will not be refunded on any rental cancelled within 30 days of the event.  If the rental fee is not paid at the time of the signing of the agreement HGGVHOA is under no obligation to hold the clubhouse reservation or provide the renter access to the clubhouse.

3.          The renter signing this contract, or an adult member of their household must always be present during the event and shall hereby be held responsible for the behavior of their guests and for all damage to the clubhouse and/or common areas.

4.          All common area rules, which are either posted in the common area or listed in the Governing Documents of HGGVHOA must be followed by the renter and their guests. Failure to follow common area rules may result in forfeiture of the cleaning/security deposit and/or a non-compliance fine up to $100.00 charged to the Lot owner. If the renter rents a home in the HOA, the Lot owner of their residence may be charged with the $100.00 non-compliance fine pursuant to the Written Authority signed by the Lot owner. The renter’s fob may also be deactivated for 1 month.

5.          No barbeque grills or catering equipment shall be set up under the patio or on the pool deck. These items may be set up near the HGGVHOA grills between the pool and the playground.

6.          If the renter utilizes the clubhouse grounds, any garbage must be picked up and thrown away. Decorations shall be limited to inside the clubhouse. No decorations on the patio or any other common area.

7.          Moderate alcohol use is allowed inside the clubhouse building only.

8.          There shall be NO SMOKING inside the clubhouse building, under the patio, on the pool deck, on the clubhouse grounds, or within 10 feet of any entrances (including entrance to the patio). 

9.          The doors will automatically lock at __________.  The clubhouse must be cleaned and vacated by this time. If the clubhouse is vacated early and left unlocked the security/damage deposit will not be returned. If any damage occurs to the clubhouse, the damage will be the responsibility of the renter if they are a Lot owner.  If renter rents a home in the HOA, the Lot owner of their residence shall be held responsible for the damage pursuant to the Written Authority signed by the Lot owner.

10.      Access to and closing of the clubhouse is to be through the front door.  The renter will be responsible for final security check upon leaving the clubhouse.  The final security check shall include:

·      The back door to the patio is locked including the deadbolt

·      All windows closed, locked and bar is in the tracks

·      All lights are off except for the dormer lights and patio lights

·      Front door locked by magnetized lock or handle lock

11.      Any persons fourteen (14) years of age or under attending a clubhouse function must be accompanied by an adult.  (An adult is any person eighteen (18) years of age or older).

12.      The security/cleaning deposit will be returned within seventy-two hours (72) after the event if the renter has followed the terms of this agreement, if all common area rules have been followed, and if the clubhouse is clean and no damage to furniture or other items has occurred.  CLEANING IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RENTER SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT. The clubhouse shall be left in the same condition as upon arrival by the renter. Items that shall be cleaned include, but are not limited to: (see checklist on the refrigerator or kitchen counter for full list)

·      Trash cans shall be emptied, liners replaced, and trash placed in HOA trash roll cart

·      All dishes used shall be loaded into the dishwasher and the dishwasher shall be started

·      All furnishings shall be placed back in the original position

·      Kitchen counters shall be wiped off and the kitchen cleaned

·      Bathrooms and toilet shall be cleaned

·      Carpets shall be vacuumed, and the kitchen and bathroom floors shall be mopped

13.      All personal property belonging to the renter and/or their guests shall be removed from the clubhouse. 

14.      The renter understands that they shall be responsible for any and all damages that occur to the clubhouse and/or its contents and grounds sustained during the rental time.  HGGVHOA will bill the renter if they are a Lot owner, or the Lot owner if the renter rents a home in the subdivision, for any additional amounts due over and above the security/cleaning deposit and the bill shall be paid within 14 days of receipt.

15.      Service Dogs: service dogs will only be accommodated with the appropriate medical verification of a disability and must always be on a leash and under the individual’s control.

16.      Clubhouse rules and/or restrictions may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors of HGGV. This agreement will be subject to the current rules at the time the renter uses the clubhouse. 

HGGVHOA is not responsible for lost or stolen items or for any injuries sustained by anyone on or off the premises during the rental time.

I/We have read the terms contained in this agreement and agree to the terms and conditions contained herein.


Signature: ____________________________       Date: _____________________


Phone Number:______________________________


_____________________________________       Date: _____________________



After event I hereby acknowledge that the deposit receipt check was returned




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